Why We Did It

RotateReady has been in our hearts and minds for quite some time. We have been dreaming of a practical resource for you who make medicine accessible and humane. We noticed a great need for alternative sources of clinical concept introduction during our medical school and residency training. RotateReady was born out of a desperate need to feel more equipped, more connected, and more inspired during our clinical rotations. As practicing U.S. trained and board-certified physicians we understand that we need more than standardized test preparation to feel confident during our most vulnerable stage in training—the clinical years. We know the pressure to be perfect and the overwhelming task of comprehending the ever expanding universe of clinical medicine. We felt the anxiety, the sting of mistakes, and the pride of improving the lives of others. All of this can seem insurmountable when you are constantly evaluated. You are a shining example for us and we wanted to create something special just for you. RotateReady offers the power of collaboration, topic specific self-assessments, and memorable information delivery. We created RotateReady for the late nights when everyone else is asleep, for the tiny call room, for when you want to ask someone who is not grading your performance, and for when you just need someone to listen and understand. You will have the days that you conquer. We also want you to feel better on the hard days. This is our pledge.

-Your RotateReady Team

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